We encourage anyone who has a question to text 412-377-9472 instead of email for a faster response.

Delivery Issues

If your tracking says your package has been delivered and you did not receive your package then we suggest the first thing to do would be get a hold of your local post office because they can tell you more information and pull up exactly where the package was dropped off at. We also suggest asking your neighbors because sometimes the post office can deliver it to the wrong address. We do offer signature confirmation and if you did not get signature confirmation on your order then we are not responsible for any packages that are marked as delivered and not received and for that that is why we do offer the signature confirmation. If your order was shipped out priority mail what's your tracking number will start with the number is 9405, then you do have $50 insurance on the package. We do want everybody who orders to get their package but once it is marked as delivered it is out of our hands and the post office will have to handle any mistakes that have to do with delivering. If you have any questions about your tracking updates please feel free to text us at 412-377-9472 but we only have access to the same information as you but if you need better help understanding what the status of your tracking is please feel free to text us.