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Scentual Obsessions

Elegance from Legacy Inspired by Uomo Intense

ELEGANCE FROM LEGACY is our formulation of Valentino Uomo Intense.

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Returns Policy

****Please be aware that after an order has been placed, it can no longer be canceled.****

DOMESTIC: Shipping rates United States: Orders of $0 to $59.99 = $5 | $60 to $99.99 = $6.50 | $100+ FREE SHIPPING.

INTERNATIONAL: Shipping rates will depend on the weight of your package & your location. Shipping will automatically be calculated at checkout. The customer is responsible for any extra fees or duties. 
 PROCESSING TIME:  Orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days (Monday - Friday) not including weekends. Processing means the time it take to fill your order, not receive your order. Priority shipping is the shipping time after the order has been shipped out by us. If you have not received a tracking after 7 total days then please TEXT ONLY 412-377-9472 your order number and name to get an update on your order. 
This Return & Packages Lost or Damaged in Transit Policy ("Policy") governs the terms and procedures related to returns, packages lost, and packages damaged in transit for Scentual Obsessions). By utilizing our products and services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Policy. Please read this Policy carefully before making any purchases.


1. Return Policy:

  • Refunds and Exchanges: Unlike most other fragrance companies and distributors, Scentual Obsessions does not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on products. Once a fragrance is shipped to a customer, it cannot be ensured that it has not been used or tampered with, making it ineligible for resale.


  • Quality Assurance: We stand by the exceptional quality of our ingredients and fragrances, however, due to the highly subjective nature of scent preferences, we cannot provide exchanges or refunds for fragrances that a customer may dislike or find unsuitable. We do recommend trying a sample pack before committing to a bigger bottle.
  • Reselling Option: In instances where a fragrance does not agree with your personal preference, we recommend try selling it in the Facebook Goup Scentual Obsessions Buy - Sell - Trade or Scentual Obsessions Family.


2. Packages Lost or Damaged in Transit:

  • Package Replacement: Scentual Obsessions is committed to replacing packages that are either lost or damaged during transit.
  • Timeframes for Replacement:

For packages dispatched within the United States, replacements will be considered for packages without tracking updates after a 14-day period. ( 21 days during Christmas and New Years holidays)

For international shipments, package replacements will be replaced after a 21 day period following the last tracking update. (28 days during Christmas & New Years holidays.)


Please be advised if a package tracking shows delivered, you will have to file a claim with USPS or UPS.  We do offer shipping security to add a signature confirmation to your order to ensure that your package gets delivered. If you do not choose signature confirmation, Scentual Obsessions is not responsible for any packages that are not received but marked delivered by the tracking number. In this case, the customer would have to contact the shipping company, USPS or UPS because they would have a better idea of where the package is or what happens since they are the ones that are handling the shipping. After we ship out the package, it is no longer in our hands so we are not able to track it anymore than what the tracking number says. 


Any questions or comments text only 412-377-9472 and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. 

UNDERSTANDING TRACKING: Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number, and the tracking number will say that the label has been printed with the post office has not received it yet. since hurricane Ian, our main post office in Fort Myers is no longer available so a smaller post office is handling all the packages and they are not scanning all the packages in. Therefore your tracking can show that it’s been shipped but the post office has not received it for several days until the package reaches your local post office and they scan it in that is when the tracking will update. If our post office scans your package in the tracking will update immediately but if they don’t scan it in when we drop our packages off, the tracking will not update until it reaches your local post office, but as long as you receive a tracking number that means your order has been shipped out. We do not pre-print labels to make orders look like they were going out faster than they really are. When we print our labels, we print them and put them directly on your package and ship them out.